Idaho Firework Laws

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What can you buy and use?

Currently fireworks that can be used in Idaho are non-aerial devices like ground spinners, fountains, sparklers, smoke devices, or snakes. Fireworks that are illegal are firecrackers, jumping jacks, cakes, shells, or simular products. 


You have to be 18+ to buy and sell fireworks. (As our site uses credit cards and other payment methods that require a contract that requires you to be of legal age to sign or have the permission of a legal guardian to use we consider all sales to be authorized by someone of legal age for buying. For most states this is 18+).


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The use of consumer fireworks is now limited to midnight June 23, and ending at midnight July 5 and beginning at midnight December 26 and ending at midnight January 1. This may be restricted by county or city so make sure to check your local regulations.


39-2606.  AUTHORIZED DATES FOR THE SALE AND USE OF FIREWORKS. (1) Nonaerial common fireworks may be sold at retail and used beginning at midnight June 23, and ending at midnight July 5 and beginning at midnight December 26 and ending at midnight January 1. The authority having jurisdiction may at its discretion extend each period of sales by not more than five (5) days.
(2)  Fireworks may be sold and used at any time in compliance with permits issued under the provisions of section 39-2605, Idaho Code.

39-2607.  TEMPORARY FIREWORKS STANDS. Retail sales of nonaerial common fireworks shall be allowed only from within a temporary fireworks stand unless the authority having jurisdiction finds appropriate circumstances justifying reasonable variance from strict compliance with this section. An existing permanent building which was used for the retail sale of fireworks in 1996 may continue to be used for that purpose if the building meets or exceeds the standards for temporary buildings established by this section and is operated, insofar as it is applicable, as provided by this section. Temporary fireworks stands shall be subject to the following provisions:
(1)  A stand shall not be located within twenty-five (25) feet of any building or within one hundred (100) feet of the nearest fuel dispensing device.
(2)  A stand shall meet the minimum structural stability requirements for temporary buildings as required by applicable local building codes. If no local building codes have been adopted, applicable state codes may be used.
(3)  A stand shall meet the minimum requirements for temporary buildings for all lighting circuits or other electrical equipment used in conjunction with the operation of the stand as required by applicable local building codes or, if no local building codes have been adopted, by applicable state codes.
(4)  A stand shall have two (2) exits, each a minimum of thirty (30) inches wide at each end of the stand or as near the ends as is practical in a mobile home conversion. One (1) additional door is required for each thirty-two (32) feet of rear wall in excess of thirty-two (32) feet. All doors shall open outward from the stand and shall be kept unlocked and unlatched during the hours of operation and free and clear of supplies and materials at all times.
(5)  A stand shall have at least two (2) fire extinguishers with a 2A minimum rating, in good working order, with a current inspection tag in place, placed near the exits in a visible and readily accessible manner.
(6)  "No smoking within 25 feet" signs shall be prominently displayed on all four (4) sides of the stand. Smoking shall not be permitted inside the stand.
(7)  A stand shall not be erected before May 5 nor remain up after July 20 for the first sales period; nor shall it be erected before December 7 or remain up after January 16 for the second sales period. The premises on which the stand is erected shall be cleared of all structures and debris no later than July 20 or January 16, respectively.
(8)  The fireworks stand operator shall not permit the discharge of fireworks within twenty-five (25) feet of the stand.
(9)  The stand operator shall not allow any rubbish to accumulate in or around the stand causing a fire nuisance.
(10) Only noncombustible waste containers shall be permitted within the stand.
(11) Fireworks shall not be left in the stand when it is not open for business unless the stand is locked or secured. If fireworks are not stored in the stand they shall be stored in compliance with section 39-2608, Idaho Code.
(12) Notice as provided by the authority having jurisdiction cautioning each person purchasing fireworks of the prohibitions, liabilities and penalties incorporated in this chapter shall be posted at all retail locations.
(13) The authority having jurisdiction may charge a one (1) time inspection fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for inspection of a temporary fireworks stand.

39-2608.  SHORT-TERM STORAGE. (1) A short-term storage facility may be used for the storage of nonaerial common fireworks for a period of sixty (60) days prior to, and fifteen (15) days after, any authorized retail sales date. The authority having jurisdiction shall be notified of the address or location of all short-term storage facilities when fireworks will not be stored in a temporary fireworks stand. If the short-term storage facility is not within the boundaries of the jurisdiction having issued the retail sales permit the permittee shall notify the authority having jurisdiction where the storage is to take place.
(2)  Short-term storage is allowed in any of the following, provided it is locked or otherwise secured: a temporary fireworks stand, truck, trailer, or other vehicle. A truck, trailer or other vehicle used for short-term storage must remain at least twenty-five (25) feet from the stand during any time the stand is open for business, but may abut the stand when it is closed. A truck, trailer or vehicle used for short-term storage must be at least twenty-five (25) feet from any other inhabited building. Short-term storage may occur in a locked or secured shed, garage, barn or other building or storage container which is detached from an inhabited building and contains no open flames, including heating and lighting sources. The authority having jurisdiction may, in its discretion, allow short-term storage to occur in an attached garage with a one (1) hour fire wall separating the garage from any inhabited area.

39-2609.  GENERAL PROHIBITIONS. It shall be unlawful for any person, except in compliance with this chapter, to:
(1)  Alter any fireworks;
(2)  Throw any fireworks from, into, or at a moving vehicle or at any person;
(3)  Sell or use any fireworks at any time not permitted under this chapter;
(4)  Use fireworks in any area that constitutes a severe fire threat based on the vegetative conditions during the current fire season as determined by the county commission or authority having jurisdiction, provided that notice of such areas is given in advance.
A violation of subsection (1) or (3) of this section shall constitute an infraction and shall be punishable by a fine of one hundred dollars ($100).

39-2610.  EXCEPTIONS. The provisions of this chapter do not apply to and shall not prohibit:
(1)  The use of flares, noisemakers or signals designed and used for the purpose of protecting the public;
(2)  The use of blank cartridges;
(3)  The use of flares or noisemakers designed and labeled specifically for pest control purposes and approved by the Idaho department of fish and game;
(4)  The continued use of existing facilities for long-term storage of fireworks by wholesalers;
(5)  Manufacturing of fireworks in this state; and
(6)  The importation, storage and sale of fireworks for export from this state, or interstate commerce in fireworks.

39-2611.  LIABILITY OF PARENTS. The parents or other persons having custody or control of a minor shall be liable for damage caused by the use of fireworks by the minor.

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