1. The Bitz & Bobbins of Fireworks

    Welcome to our Second Blog post! This blog will go over the brands, why certain products are labeled a certain way, effects and styles of fireworks vs color effects, and many other things. 

    When you think of fireworks, what brand pops into mind: Winda, Dominator, Shogun? These significant brands could also be smaller starting brands like Shockwave Fireworks, or Class B Fireworks. What makes a brand stand out is not its ability to reach a customer, but of the specific qualities, and effects these brands bring to the table. Choosing a fireworks brand often comes down to factors like quality, safety, variety, and customer satisfaction. Dominator, Winda, and Shogun are reputable brands in the fireworks industry, and each has distinct features that might make them a preferable choice over others. Overall, when compared to other brands, Dominator, Winda, and Shogun might offer better quality assurance, more innovative, varied product lines, and greater overall customer satisfaction. However, the best choice can depend on specific needs, preferences, local availability, and budget. Always consider these factors along with safety practices when selecting a firework. Remember to always stay safe; even sparklers burn at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, and most consumer shells shoot out of their mortars at an average of 75 feet a second. That's enough to punch a perfect hole through a 1-inch thick piece of plywood!


    As we transition from discussing popular brands to the practical aspects of using

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  2. Welcome to the First New Blog of 2024

    Welcome to our first blog post! As this blog takes its first steps, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be bringing you a new post each month, packed with interesting facts, safety tips, and insights into various topics that spark our curiosity and passion. Our goal is to create a space where learning and community intersect, enriching your knowledge and perhaps even igniting new interests. Stay tuned for our series of explorations, and don't forget to mark your calendar for our monthly updates! (Each 1st of the month)

    As we embark on this journey of shared knowledge and community engagement, it's essential to prioritize safety, especially when it comes to the dazzling world of fireworks. Fireworks, while stunning, can be dangerous if not handled correctly. Every year, safety mishaps during celebrations remind us of the importance of following proper procedures. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice eager to light up the sky, always buy from reputable dealers, follow local regulations, and ensure safety gear and water sources are readily available.  Safety gear, or PPE would include wearing 100% Cotton, or wool, shirts, pants, and gloves, leather is also recomended. This can help tap out any embers that could potentially fall on you. Wearing a 50/50 mix synthetic material can melt, and stick to the skin causing potential burns.  Remember, the beauty of fireworks comes from both their visual beauty and their safe execution. If you live in a area that is a high risk area for bush fires, burn bans, or long droughts make sure you follow your local regions fire safety recommendations. 

    To wrap up our first post, we hope to have lit your enthusiasm for both fireworks and the safety that must accompany their use. In future posts, we'll continue to explore a wide range of topics, each designed to enlighten and engage. We invite you to be an active part of our community; share your thoughts, experiences, and

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    Fireworks Plus always offers industry-leading discounts on New Year’s Eve fireworks near Jacksonville, FL. If you want to have a memorable New Year’s Eve party in Jacksonville, Florida, you have to push the envelope. You do not want to just throw another run-of-the-mill shindig. You want to ring in the new year in the most memorable way possible, and our leading fireworks distributor serving Jacksonville, Florida, and the surrounding areas can help. Our team has years of experience selling the best quality fireworks for the most affordable prices possible, so you will never have to drain your bank account. Our inventory of high-quality discount fireworks will not be matched anywhere else. We take pride in offering only the best. You will find fireworks from the leading brands in the business, including Dominator, Pyro Demon, Shogun, Bright Star Fireworks, and more. We even offer low, low wholesale prices on bulk orders, which is a great way to save for big parties. When you buy a low-priced firecracker or an affordable assortment from Fireworks Plus, you can confidently plan the rest of your party, knowing you will always get the best performance possible from that product. Do not forget to ask our helpful representatives about any shipping discounts, including free shipping on orders over $500. We are always ready and willing to assist with your fireworks purchase.

    The discount fireworks available at online Fireworks Plus for your next New Year’s Eve party near Jacksonville, FL, are not j

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    Fireworks Plus has a great selection of affordable Machine Made fireworks for sale near Detroit, MI, that will light up the sky during your New Year’s Eve celebration. An epic New Year’s Eve party is the perfect way to let it all out and end the year right. Suppose you want to make the night unforgettable. In that case, a safely executed, high-quality fireworks display is precisely what you need, and Machine Made Fireworks is a brand that consistently delivers just that. Machine Made Fireworks are expertly constructed using only the best, most innovative technology available to ensure an eye-popping display every time you light one. When you set off a Machine Made Fireworks display, you will always be satisfied. Our leading online fireworks distributor serving Detroit, Michigan, and the surrounding areas proudly sells a wide variety of Machine Made Fireworks products. You will be able to keep the party going with low-priced smoke items and cheap Roman Candles. Our excellent selection of discount sky lanterns is beautiful and makes for an excellent photo op for your next social media post. Whether you are trying to wow a city block or friends and family at home, Fireworks Plus has the fireworks display you are looking for. Feel free to contact our team of highly knowledgeable pyrotechnicians whenever you would like to start your epic fireworks-purchasing journey.

    If you are looking to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Detroit, MI, with a more significant celebration using Machine Made Fireworks, the fine people here at Fireworks Plus can help with that as well. We carry an excellent selection of professional grade, Class B Fireworks that will always wow larger crowds. Our wholesale prices on fireworks for sale near Detroit, Michigan, make buying in bulk much more accessible for those looking to put on a fireworks display at a local festival or concert. Fireworks Plus also partners with the expert pyrotechnicians at RKM Fireworks to put on large, awe-inspiring fireworks displays in a safe and professional manner. If you are going for a larger-than-life display, it is absolutely crucial that a trained professional be on site running the show so that you and the rest of your event’s attendees can enjoy the show safely. At Fireworks Plus, we will always go the extra mile to ensure you get the exact fireworks display you want without skipping out on the proper safety measures.

    Buying fireworks online doesn’t get any easier than it does with Fireworks Plus. Our vast distribution capabilities allow us to deliver high-quality discount fireworks all across this great nation in a timely and efficient manner. You do not have to stress any longer. Whether you want affordable 200-gram cakes or low-priced fireworks equipment such as shell casing, we will get you your order in plenty of time for your next big celebration. So click on Fireworks Plus online if you ar

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    You can buy affordable fireworks from leading brands like World Class Fireworks for your New Year’s party in Indianapolis, IN, at Fireworks Plus online. The new year is a time to celebrate. Why wouldn’t you want to ring in the new year with a bang? What better way is there to do just that than with an eye-popping fireworks display? However, finding impressive fireworks in your can be quite difficult. You don’t want to settle for low-quality pyro-technics at your next party. Not only will they be underwhelming they could also be a safety hazard. That’s where our top fireworks distributor for Indianapolis, Indiana, and the surrounding areas comes in. We only sell the best quality fireworks on the market for extremely affordable prices. Our wide variety of low-priced fireworks is second to none. We have affordable sparklers and snakes for the kids, low-priced firecrackers, and 500-gram cakes that will undoubtedly take your new year celebration to the next level. With years of experience distributing top-tier discount fireworks across the country, when you buy from Fireworks Plus online, you are sure to get exactly what you need for your next celebration. Our advanced fireworks distribution network ensures you will get your complete order promptly so that you never have to worry. You don’t have to suffer through another lame slog of a firework show if you go with us.

    Fireworks Plus online is the place to go if you want affordable name-brand fireworks near Indianapolis, IN, such as World Class Fireworks. Our inventory is full of the best fireworks from leading b

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    Fireworks Plus is the place to go if you want to take your new year celebration to the next level with a premiere fireworks show near Miami, FL. The new year is a time for change. It is a time to put the previous year in the rear-view mirror and drive forward to a more prosperous future. It is a celebration of new and exciting possibilities. You are going to want to make this year’s celebration as memorable as possible for your fellow partygoers. What better way to ring in the new year, than with a memorable fireworks display? Fireworks Plus is the leading online fireworks distributor serving Miami, Florida, and the rest of the United States because we do not sell anything but the best when it comes to fireworks. Our affordable fireworks for sale near Miami, Florida, are second to none. We carry a wide array of fireworks from leading brands such as Dominator, Mad Ox, Pyro Demon, and many, many more. When you buy from us, you can always expect the best, most awe-inspiring product. Whether you want super exciting 500-gram fireworks, versatile discount roman candles, or classics such as low-priced sparkers or snakes, we will definitely have you covered. You won’t find a better selection of high-quality, consumer-grade fireworks anywhere else.

    The new year is coming up fast, so if you want the materials for your epic fireworks show near Miami, FL, in time, you have to entrust the good people at Fireworks Plus. We have proudly been a leading fireworks distributor serving Miami, Florida, for years. Our team of fireworks experts has decades of e

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    If you live in Jacksonville, FL, and you are looking for great prices on fireworks for your New Year celebration, look no further than Fireworks Plus. Our easy-to-navigate website features a wide array of high-quality discount fireworks for sale near Jacksonville, Florida. We do not have a standalone retail store, so we can keep the prices of our name-brand fireworks as low as possible. We only carry the best brands in the game, including World Class Fireworks, Blastwave, and the lowest prices on Dominator brand fireworks in the Jacksonville, Florida, area. If you want to start the new year off right, a fireworks show featuring one of our affordable 200-gram cakes is an excellent way to go. If you happen to be having a family celebration, our low-priced sparklers and snakes for sale near Jacksonville will surely keep the kiddos occupied for quite a while. Our excellent assortments of fireworks will help provide an exciting variety to your fireworks display, and if you want to buy in bulk, our low-priced wholesale fireworks are just what you are looking for. You can’t go wrong with any of the fireworks in our massive inventory. Plus, we offer a great selection of affordable fireworks equipment and novelties. Our highly knowledgeable representatives will always go the extra mile to help you put together the perfect fireworks display to start your new year off right.

    Fireworks Plus will take all the stress out of buying your new years fireworks online near Jacksonville, FL. We are a top nationwide distributor of high-quality fireworks. Whether you a

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    The new year is coming up, and Fireworks Plus can help you celebrate with our large selection of affordable fireworks show setups for sale near Miami, FL. If you are in Miami for the new year, you are going to want to throw an epic party to ring in the new year, right. The best way to throw a memorable party is with a dazzling fireworks display. That’s where our leading online fireworks distributor serving Miami, FL, comes in. Our massive inventory of discount consumer-grade fireworks is second to none. Our selection of affordable 200-gram fireworks will light up the sky and certainly add a “wow” factor to the evening’s proceedings. If you are a fan of low-priced fountains, we have you covered there as well. We even carry affordable sky lanterns that will look absolutely stunning in your social media posts, commemorating the night. If you want a large variety, our low-priced wholesale fireworks for sale near Miami, Florida, are a great option as well.  This allows you to buy in bulk to ensure you won’t run out of fun and excitement as the night wears on. You can always expect the highest quality, no matter which fireworks you order. That is because we only carry fireworks from leading brands such as Shockwave Fireworks, Shogun Fireworks, Windia Fireworks, and many more. You will not be disappointed.

    The massive inventory at Fireworks Plus also includes affordable Class B Fireworks that are great for more significant New Years celebrations in Miami, Florida. Class B firework

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    Fireworks Plus online is the place to go if you are looking to ring in the new year with affordable fireworks show packages in the Charlotte, NC, area. The new year is a time for fresh starts and epic celebrations with friends and family. You always want to make the night as memorable as possible. That’s where we come in. Fireworks Plus is a top fireworks distributor serving North Carolina, NC, with decades of experience bringing plenty of dazzling excitement to those celebrations with amazingly affordable fireworks. If you are trying to impress your partygoers at your home, you can never go wrong with our discount consumer grade-fireworks. Our cheap fireworks show packages feature a variety of options to fit the exact type of display you are looking for with your event. They include everything from mini-zippers to impressive fountains and even superb 500-gram cakes. You’ll be able to find just about anything you need to spice up your new year's shindig. We even offer a wide assortment of high-quality equipment to take your show to the next level. With cheap shell casings, affordable igniters, and inexpensive mortar racks for sale near Charlotte, North Carolina, you will be able to put on the exact fireworks display you want at your party.

    If you need new years fireworks show packages near Charlotte, NC, quickly, the stellar online distribution capabilities of Fireworks Plus is the way to go. Our team delivers high-quality fireworks nationwide. They aren’t just cheap, off-brand fireworks either. We distribute top brands like

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    Fireworks Plus makes buying high-quality fireworks online for an epic new years party in Miami, FL, easy and accessible. If you want to throw an epic New Years party in Miami, it is going to take quite a lot of effort. Putting on an unforgettable fireworks show is the perfect way to make the night a truly memorable one. Fireworks Plus online is the place to go to find the affordable fireworks packages you need to impress all of your partygoers in Miami, Florida. Our website is a breeze to navigate and features a massive number of low-priced fireworks for all the leading brands in the industry, including World Class Fireworks, Bright Star Fireworks, Pyro Demon, and many, many more. No matter what kind of fireworks show you are looking for, our premiere distribution capabilities will ensure you get your entire order in a timely fashion, so you are fully prepared to blow the minds of your partygoers. Our low wholesale prices on fireworks available near Miami, Florida, make it easy to buy high-quality bundles without worrying about breaking your bank. These affordable fireworks bundles feature everything from discount firecrackers to low-priced 500-gram cakes and more. If you need help putting together an impressive bundle for the perfect fireworks show in Miami, Florida, our team of fireworks experts is readily available via phone or Emil to provide the expert advice and assistance you are looking for.

    Fireworks Plus online does not just sell top-notch, low-priced consumer-grade fireworks for shows in Miami, FL. Our leading fireworks distributor servicing Miami also specializes

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