Buy Fireworks Online And What You Need to Know

So you want to buy some fireworks online but you have some questions I'll try and put all the thing you need to know in one spot. To start with we will cover the shipping of fireworks. (Note skip to the bottom for the quick list.)

Fireworks Online and Shipping

One of the first thing you might notice is the $200 minimum to buy fireworks. We have removed the $200 Minimum but charge full freight cost on orders under 200$. Fireworks are classified as 1.4G explosives or to keep it simple we'll call it hazmat. So what so bad about hazmat the simple answer is #1 It has to go freight #2 It typical has a minimum of over 120$ for any shipment. One example is if you purchased a $5 brick of firecrackers and you just wanted to ship that just down the road it would cost at least $120 in shipping minimum. Also as a note we do not do air freight as it's in the thousands of dollar's in cost and only very few have been approved or will do it.

Why do we need a good phone number for you? Well again it has to do with fireworks being hazmat. Which means before the freight company will drop them off they will verify the you will be there in person to receive the fireworks and sign for them. As hazmat must be received by you they can not just be dropped off. Next the driver might ask if you want an extra service such as lift-gate and inside drop off. Do not accept these as they are not covered and you will charged more money. The driver will hand them to you from the truck they will not bring them inside they will not carry them up the stairs that is all extra charge's. If wish for them you may call us and pay the extra charge for the service before hand.

When receiving your fireworks have a camera ready in case of any of the product is damaged or missing. If there is crushed, wet, broken or missing product take picture's and note it on the bill of lading. If it looks like it is too damaged refuse the shipment and note it on the bill of landing. In either case call us at 1-269-205-3799 and email the picture's to [email protected] with your order # . Your bill of landing will have how many boxes you are supposed to be receiving on it. Also note that freight does not run on the week ends or holiday's and your order will not be delivered during those time.

Your state and county and shipping fireworks. What fireworks are legal and illegal and when vary's greatly it is your responsibly to verify your state and county laws. We try our best to follow all laws and any state that out right ban's them we do not ship to at all. You can see them here on our shipping map. Next once your order is shipped out their are no refunds for not receiving the shipment, unless refused for damaged or missing product. Once the freight company has it at the nearest terminal you have 3 business day typically to receive the order before it will be shipped back to us at our expense.

Tracking and order times. When you place your order their is typical one or two day's to process your order. We will then send you a email with your tracking number when it has ship. After that it depends on what zone you are in for shipping time's from as little as 1 day too almost 2 weeks before it arrive's but in most case once shipped it will arrive in about a week.

What can you buy from us and ship either ground or through regular method's. So we can ship something's ground only such as sparklers and fuse. These item's are pretty much all under Novelties & Party Products as well as any equipment we offer can be shipped ground. These item can also be bought under the $200 minimum as they are not hazmat or can be shipped ground only. Also if you live close to us you can chose to pick up local you can find our address here to see if that is an option for you.

So what are some benefit's to buying fireworks online. One is video's right there on the product page to see what it does and how it sound's we have most of our 200g, 500g, and re-loadable artillery video's up and are always trying to add more and keep them up to date. If were missing one that you really want to see send us a massage and we will try to add it as soon as possible. Getting your fireworks early so you can get exactly want you want with our wide selection of 20+ brands and 800+ products that are always growing.

  • 1 Some state's ban all fireworks we can not ship to them you can see them here
  • 2 The reason for high shipping cost is because Fireworks are Hazmat
  • 3 You must be present to receive your order and will be called before delivery by the freight company
  • 4 Refuse lift-gate or inside drop off these cost extra and will fall on you to cover the cost
  • 5 When receiving your product note any damage or missing on the Bill of Landing and take picture's and if it's to damaged note it on the bill of lading and refuse it. Then give us a call 1-269-205-3799
  • 6 You are responsible for checking what fireworks you order are legal in your county and state
  • 7 Next once your order is shipped out their are no refunds you have 3 business day once arrived to receive your order.
  • 8 Freight does not run on the weekends or holiday's
  • 9 Novelties & Party Products and equipment can be ship ground and ordered under the $200 minimum
  • 10 If you live close to us you can pick up at our warehouse our address is here
  • 11 Plan on about a week or more to get your order and once shipped we will email you your tracking number