This is a simple page about updates to Fireworks Plus


We will be doing an upgrade of our website this 5/31/2022 9am est. to 11am est. This should go smoothly if it does not feel free to reach out to us at 269-205-3799 or email [email protected].

Some of the things we are hoping this will fix.

  • Make cart for non-logged-in users last more than a day or a couple of hours.
  • General speed improvement
  • Keeping up to date for the most security


We have moved over to Magento from WordPress/Woocommerce for the cms of our website. Why did we choose to do this? Woocommerce had stability issues and site speed issues for us. Our theme while it worked was not the most mobile-friendly. So with this Upgrade we hope to bring a faster, more stable, and mobile friedly site.

We take all feedback to heart and would like to hear from you so feel free to reach out to us about any pain point's.

Know pain points as of 05/31/22

  • Some mobile areas have white background and white text. We are working to track them all down a change them.
  • Cart for nonlogged in users does not last more than a day.